Griffin Earbuds

I got hooked up with the new Griffin tunebuds today for the iphone. I was expecting more companies to have headphones w/mic for the iphone since there is only a few out there. So i was happy to see that Griffin has one coming out soon. I tried them out on my bus ride home and it is hard for me to compare these to other rubber tipped earbuds since I have never tried any of them. They do cancel out 80% of the sound and I am not sure if I like that. I like to know whats going on most of the time. The sound was a little bit tinny and did not have a good scale in sound. I am used to the Apple ear buds and feel the Apple buds are more comfortable, but I think it is my opinion. For the price that they will be sold for ($39.99) I do think they are worth tryiing them out. They also come with a great case and 3 sizes of rubber tips. If anyone trys them out let me know what you think.tunebudsmobile_1-1.jpg


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